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Are You Ready To Learn Basic And Advanced Options Trading Strategies?

Have you been looking for tutorials on understanding trading options? Look no further. Through various examples on this site, we will explain option trading in plain english. In the article learn option trading you will learn what an option is and go through an example where google options lead to profits. 

In the basics of options trading we will learn what the two types of options are and how they work.

After the introductory articles, we will get right into options verbiage and discuss call and put options.

At this point you would be upto speed on the basics you are ready to learn a few advanced options trading strategies called the straddle and strangle.

In order to become the best investor possible, we'll give you some background information on options greeks. No, we are not going to bore you with a rundown of Greek accomplishments in Mathematics. That's what high-school was for. In this article, we will summarize the different greek letters and their significance in evaluating options risk and pricing.

If you ever need a quick reference on the different terminology, we have an options dictionary for you too. We've got you covered. Now, lets get started.


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